Welcome to Joe Byron's online portfolio and Tattoo Shop. I have been tattooing in
Crossville TN since 1984 and my shop is located at
The Tattoo Farm  417 Cherokee Drive in Crossville TN, 38572.
Physical directions are as follows, start in Crossville, go south on Lantana Road / US highway 101, 11 miles
to the Laurel Creek bridge, go 8/10th of a mile past bridge and turn left onto Mecca Drive, go 1/4 of a mile to
four way and turn left onto Cherokee Drive, go to dead end and you will see a large gate saying, Shangri La
Knob, and a lighted sign saying the Tattoo Farm.  I work by appointment only here at my studio and do all
things art here , so hit me up here or on facebook for more information. I am Joe Byron on facebook

My policy for appointment taking is simple,  I will take one appointment from anyone with no money down
or deposits,  regardless of whether I know you or not,  BUT,  if you fail to show up for your appointment
without first canceling the appointment at least 24 yours in advance any further appointments will require
full payment before a second appointment will be made, and if you fail to show up or cancel within 24 hours
of the second appointment, no refunds will be given.  I have to enact these rules because of many people
not showing up for their appointments, not calling, messaging me and not contacted me in time to replace
the time requested.  (A mere 24 hours). This becomes an inconvenience to my time and causes others to
miss out on getting ink, and is something anyone in business can not do and stay successful. My time is
valuable and  due to many people requesting me to save them time to do their ink or airbrushing, and then
just not showing up or contacting me to cancel with enough time to fill the time I  had saved for them, I have
enacted these simple and easy to understand policies. If you want a tattoo, great, I love doing my art,  I will
do all that is within me and my long earned skills to make you happy, I will do so in a professional manner
and giving you all the options and customization to give you a special one of a kind work of art,  but if you
are just on a whim, just thinking about it and not that serious, then do just that, think about it, but do not
make an appointment with me if you do not plan on being here, at least within thirty minutes of your
appointment.  If not and you want another appointment, I will need full payment down for your tattoo to
schedule a second  time with me.